A variety of life experiences have cemented my belief in, and support of, alternative therapies. I have seen the benefits of utilizing holistic approaches in professional, educational and personal settings, for people of all ages.

I earned my undergraduate degrees from BayPath College with a concentration in Legal Studies. I went on to explore graduate studies in the field of Special Education at Fitchburg State College. I trained at ARC and obtained my CNA license in 2009 (current). I have studied the healing benefits of essential oils and obtained my certification in AromaTouch Technique. I have training in 32 Channel q-EEG, EEG, pIR HEG and Play Attention Neurofeedback.

As of the Fall of 2020, I am enrolled in courses for the Foundations of Health major at HCC and am scheduled to take the LSWA exam in early 2021.

I am excited to bring together my studies and experience on behalf of those interested in exploring the significant benefits of neurofeedback.