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Board Certified in Neurofeedback

I received my MSW in 1994 and have practiced in a range of settings with children, adolescents and adults suffering from a variety of stresses and forms of mental illness. My tenure as a high-school adjustment counselor gave me insight into the challenges of adolescents in our society. As a clinician in a community mental health center for many years I have worked with a broad range of clients.

A significant part of my clinical work was as a Dialectical Behavioral Therapist working with individuals and groups, teaching and coaching teens and adults in affect regulation and life skills. This background, along with my two years of seminary study, gives me a diverse and comprehensive background for my approach to working with the whole person: body, mind and spirit.

At present I have a small private practice joining psychotherapy and neurotherapy, including EEG and HEG neurofeedback, and Nexalin Transcranial Electronic Stimulation. I place an emphasis on these powerful, yet non-invasive ways of increasing brain stability and resilience, in the quest to improve my clients’ individual functioning and over all wellbeing. My psychotherapy approach is eclectic, combining a variety of therapeutic perspectives along with an emphasis on the essential nature of healthy human attachment.

A larger focus of my practice is in providing extended neurotherapy services through working in tandem with my neurotherapy technical assistants. We provide pIR HEG neurofeedback and Nexalin Transcranial Electronic Stimulation in a comprehensive and patient focused way. Our primary goal is to be responsive to the needs of each individual client by honoring both the art and the science of the treatment we provide. We treat a diverse range of clients from children to adults, with a broad range of difficulties.

As a Board Certified Neurofeedback provider I also offer consultation in the skills of clinical neurofeedback. The Wellspring Neurotherapy office is a host site for professional trainings in the field of neurofeedback and brain training services.