Play Attention is an innovative combination of neurofeedback, (which teaches the brain to modify it’s electrical frequencies patterns), along with fun cognitive training games that promote an increase in our brains’ everyday functional capacity. These two training options offered in tandem promote a significant increase in the brains’ capacity for focus and organization, impacting a large variety of essential brain functions.

Clients that participate in regular Play Attention Neurofeedback commonly report the day becoming easier and less stressful. The ability to be calmly mindful and present increases, as does the ease in performing daily tasks at school, work or at home. These changes often extend to an increased awareness and ease in interpersonal interactions, as well as the increased capacity to maintain focus on any area of life that we choose to, for work or play, for as long as we choose.

A full course of Play Attention Neurofeedback entails a minimum of 40 hours of training parceled into at least 2 times a week for full benefit and long term retention.

Play Attention ilab

iLab1After offering individual Play Attention since 2015, we recently added Play Attention ilab to increase access to this innovative work. Ilab offers the enhanced benefit of a supportive small group conversation around each participants’ changes and goals.

As a Small Group Skills teacher for many years, I witnessed first hand the increase in confidence and motivation participants experienced as they practiced new skills in a supportive group environment. For many people, the positive reflection and validation offered by a small of group of familiar others, creates an environment for successful integration that enhances progress in all areas.

In our small Play Attention groups of 2 to 5 people, each client has an individual ilab station, complete with Play Attention Educational Neurofeedback and Journey To the Wild Divine Biofeedback. Journey to the Wild Divine biofeedback promotes a coherent rhythm between the breath and heart rate. Consistent practice promotes a calmer, more relaxed focus that carries into all areas of life.

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